What is WordPress used for? An open-source platform that non-tech people love

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In this blog about WordPress, you will find insights such as:


Hello everyone, Welcome back to my blog.

I hope many of us would have heard about WordPress, But for those who haven’t known about it, I am here to guide you on the same.

Word press is a free content management system that is an application for most people who have no coding experience and Non-technical background.

I know many of you don’t like coding just like me that’s why it is my favourite platform.

WordPress is created with PHP,HTML,CSS and javascript.

Backend operation of a website can be performed in a dashboard, which is called an admin area of a website.

Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg invented this platform back in 2003.

The main purpose of creating this platform was a group of people they knew, needed a blogging tool that allowed users to quickly publish their thoughts.

It aimed to simplify the publishing process so that anyone could be an author.

What is  WordPress?

To be simple and clear it’s a platform where we can build websites and blogs with ease by using a few plugins and themes.

Plugins act like an application in WordPress just like how we use applications on mobile phones. It’s something that changes or adds to the functionality.

It’s the most popular web development platform which comes loaded with excellent plugins.

Creating wonderful and beautiful websites is now easier with WordPress that serve its purpose to the fullest.

Gone are those years where we used to worry about code for building a website that has made it easy now.

Now, we have got some basic insights about it, right? let’s get deeper in further sections.

Around 30% of the websites are been built-in using WordPress. That’s huge right?

The most interesting part about WordPress is, it’s free software where thousands of developers and software engineers are working in the backend each day to provide a high-quality service

How does WordPress look and how to use it?

  1. This is the login page of WordPress looks, where the user has to log in by his/her credentials.
Wordpress login page

2. All the backend operations are done in the dashboard.

WordPress dashboard

3. The menu bar is present on the left side which various functions are performed.

It mainly includes posts, pages, media, plugins and comments. Here are their uses:

  • Post– Editor window allows us to write the article and publish them on the page
  • Pages– Pages that are present on the home page such as contact, about, disclaimer etc can be created in the pages section.
  • Media– It simply allows you to upload the picture’s, files you want to use on your website.

  • Plugins– It allows us to integrate most of our functions and make things easier.plugins play a vital role here.
    It acts apps for a website. It is also the backbone of wordpress

What is WordPress is used for?

We dive deep into the main topic “What is WordPress is used for”?.

It is a very simple and user-friendly platform that can provide us with a vast option to explore.

It can be used for personal or professional purposes.

A large audience uses it every single day, so I can surely say it’s a great choice for all sorts of users.

Some of the audience who use WordPress are:

  • Website designers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Influencers
  • Business holders
  • Doctors

WordPress for various business

It is not restricted to blogging only, but It also has various other purposes.

One of the major use of WordPress can be building a simple website for your business.

As there are plenty of businesses emerging into the market day by day.

Having an online presence on the internet is important so that.

You can stand out from the crowd by having a professional business website that can be created using WordPress.

For example, you are a photographer or an artist’s and you would like to showcase your talent and publish to a large audience.

By doing so you can build your brand online, reach globally and drive sales as well.

It can act as a portfolio to showcase your previous works

Some E-commerce websites are built-in using WordPress too.

One of the best parts, why WordPress is easier to build websites is because of its inbuilt themes and plugins that are very user friendly.

There are approximately more than 11,000 free themes and  more than 54,000 free plugins

Amazing facts in 2021

  • Around 455 million websites use WordPress
  • 408 million people view 15.5 billion pages every month.
  • 70 million posts are published every month.
  • 71% post of post-use English.
  • The Most popular theme in WordPress has earned more than $30 million.

So isn’t it a huge install base? and popular content management system. well yes it is


Are you still wondering what WordPress is used for? While the answer to the question in short is

1. Blogs
2. Portfolio websites.
3. E-commerce
4. Business sites

I hope now you got the complete information about WordPress uses, if you feel it is useful kindly share and spread the knowledge.

If you want to create a website for your business using WordPress then you can contact me

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