How to make money from Blogging-Number 4 will shock you

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In this blog, I am going to guide you top 4 ways how to make money from blogging

Introduction to Blogging

Hello guys, Welcome to my another blog on how to make money from a blog

I will take you through this journey and make sure you are crystal clear if you stay with me till the end of the blog

Blogging is one of the key features in Digital Marketing

Considering the present situation as we Indians facing many hurdles in making money online, we know when we see something online like pop-ups, advertisements, etc.

We want to know instantly and so excited about it right?

That is because we are attracted to earn money, many of you would have lost your jobs in this pandemic and looking for the opportunity to earn a decent money


So for all those people looking for an opportunity you are in the right place to know about how to make money from blogging.

The word blog came into existence in the year 1994.

Blogging now has a history of almost 27 years, and blogging now is not the same as in the early’s.

What is Blogging? How to make money from it

Before I get into the ways of making money online through blogs. Let me explain what is blogging exactly.

Blogging is creating content based on your interest in what you have more knowledge on. It’s all about providing value to users from your point of view.

Blogging can be based on any topic or a product or service.

After you write some blogs the first thing you will have to do is On-page SEO that helps in ranking your website to rank in google.

If you miss doing SEO, it will be very difficult to make money from it, as google keeps track of many factors.

To rank your blog then you must follow it.

Top 7 reasons why people blog?

  1. To share their knowledge and provide value
  2. As a hobby/interest
  3. To make money online
  4. For advertising and branding
  5. Affiliate Marketing(Promoting other’s products and services and make commissions)
  6. To connect with like-minded people 
  7. To promote their brand on a large scale 

Which of these is your reason to start a blog? let me know in the comments 

Three steps you need to do before you make money from a blog

  1. Before you make money from a blog you need to have a website for your blog.
    For a website, you need a Domain and hosting.
  2. To purchase your domain and hosting click the link below 

Once you purchase hosting and domain all you have to do is to install WordPress to your website 

3. Choose your Niche or topic based on your interest and on what you have good knowledge of and start writing articles/blog

Note: Blogging is one of the ways to make money online not the easiest way to make money online.

You need to be consistent and should have patience and a good piece of content in your blog to rank in google. 

4 Ways to make money from blogging 

Google Adsense 

It is an ad network that Google has.

Google pays you for writing blogs on your website but only applicable if you have decent visitors regularly (minimum of 1000 plus visitors).

Google Adsense
Google AdSense

When you have content in your website having a high amount of traffic.

Google will crawl on your website and check whether you are eligible to apply and approve it

How does Google Adsense work?

For example, I am the advertiser and I want to place a product ad on Google, So I pay for it.

You are the publisher having similar content on your blog at the same time having high traffic.

So Google will place my ad on your blog and for placing an ad on your site Google will pay you.

I think now you got a clear picture of what I meant to say.

But what will Google get if they pay you?

Google will pay you 70% of ad cost and the remaining 30% will be Google share 

However, it depends on the advertiser how much they invest in their ads.

When you rank in google by having good traffic and get approved by Adsense you can earn anywhere between 10$-100$ per day.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s just promoting other’s products, services through various promotional methods and you will be given a commission as a token of appreciation.

Affiliate Marketing is a booming industry right now.
If you observe any big business with a high reputation has an affiliate marketing program.

It is best for beginners who don’t have any product to promote. You can start referring affiliate products and earn a commission.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing was introduced to reduce the advertisement cost of the company and allowing the third party to promote their products to generate more sales.

Anyone can sign up as their affiliate if they have affiliate programs if the terms and conditions of the company are met.

You can sign up as an affiliate in the Amazon affiliate program as well.

Note: Don’t just collaborate and be attracted by the commission they provide with every single company you come across.

Before you signup, as an affiliate do some market research about it.

Think from the buyer’s perspective. Check out all the necessary information and then go ahead.

Sell Digital products

Digital products are nothing but ebooks, audio, courses, apps you prepare and want to sell online.

Onlne course
Online courses

Basically comes in file format. and downloadable.

If you have complete knowledge of anything, you can make tutorials and start selling your course and provide value and knowledge to your users and start making money.

Make sure when you are selling your course you are already a master in it.

Provide a lot of value to the users and make them feel worth buying it or else it is not recommended to sell.

When you have your related blog you can also include your digital products and start selling.

You can also visit How to Sell Digital Courses

Freelance your skills

When you are into blogging you know very well to write blogs. If you can write well you can easily start your career as a content writer.

You can sell your skills to others and showcase your talent in content writing.


If you are a content writer, you get paid by the number of words depending upon your niche.

Before applying to any content writing jobs make sure you have written a good amount of articles and showcase them as your previous work and experience.

To get the freelancing project you can register in Fiverr and freelancer.

But If you are a beginner I would suggest you approach your friend’s circle before these sites, as the competition is really high to find yourself a job.


I hope I have provided enough value and knowledge on how to make money from blogging. By now you would have understood the different ways to earn, art and the power of blogging.

You can also find your niche and start your blogging career as a side hustle and make money.

Which of these techniques are you going to implement? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for Reading, If you like this blog on how to make money from blogging
Educate, share, help each other grow by sharing among your friends🙂.


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