Blog about Digital Marketing. Simple Basics you need to know

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Blog about Digital Marketing. Simple basics you need to know

In this blog about digital marketing, you will find the interesting factors such as

Hello Everyone, I hope You all are Doing good and safe.

Welcome to my blog, In this blog about Digital Marketing, you will find all the basics you need to know.


Before I deep dive into the topic of digital marketing let me explain to you some terms clearly to better understanding.

What is Digital?
Everyone Knows the term Digital which is also called switching online or making your presence online.

Now, What is Marketing?
Marketing in other words also known as promoting your products, business, services, brand through various methods such as television, posters, banners, radio channels etc.

All these above methods are referred to as traditional Marketing which many people are aware of.

By now, You must have got the idea of both the terms right?

But what is this Digital Marketing altogether? Still not got the idea or confused? Well, no problem let me take you to the topic straight away.

Digital marketing is also called online marketing, To be more simple and specific it’s one such online platform where we can advertise our business, promote a brand, products, services online on the internet.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Due to the  Rapid growth of internet users, it plays a very important and vital role in today’s world.

By using different digital channels such as email, social media, search engines, websites, and many several ways.

Nowadays consumers are more dependent on digital platforms for researches, it is primary and fundamental in marketing today.

Since there is an increase in online promotion day by day, therefore it has huge scope. It’s a booming industry, In the emerging world of technology why not use technology to build a business online?

Why digital marketing is important?

In Today’s world, it has skyrocketed the traditional marketing, marketing online has become a popular trend.

Digital Marketing is the heart of every business.

It can be reached to a large audience globally and also the price is not so expensive to run a business online.

Since most people are spending a lot of time over the internet surfing online and many prefer shopping online, ordering food online, marketing and expanding their business online.

When the digital resources are explored so well that is when digital marketing plays an important role.

Prices of advertisements would be less expensive and chances are that the conversion rate is high as compared to traditional marketing.

Modules of Digital Marketing

1. Social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media is one of the trends in the world, It’s one such favourite platform that is loved by millions of people.

It’s is nothing but promoting your business, services, products through different social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media allows us to showcase our business through various social media platforms by creating valuable content to reach a large audience.

The contents can be of different types such as images, text, videos
Most advertising platforms offer different options to users, such as image ads, which are the most famous form of advertisements that attract users and the most effective way.

Also, text and post ads allow the user to advertise by creating creative posts and content that reach the audience.

Another form is the video ads containing the existing customer’s reviews and testimonials, which are the most powerful ads to build trust among upcoming customers.

The main advantage is that we can create a brand and identity, easily engage and drive the audience Interest and also helps us to know the customers by engaging and connecting with them.

2. Search engine optimization

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO is nothing but getting traffic based on organic search results on search engines, search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

SEO helps in increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results.

So, depending on the keywords search engines rank websites based on what content is relevant to users.

what are the top 4 tracking factors that helps to rank the website?

  1. Quality of the content-One must consider the fact of writing good content and must provide the right value to the visitors, content is one of the important factors for your website to be ranked at the top.

  2. Speed of the page- I must say that speed is a very much important factor since people love speed Because when the visitor visits your website and if your website speed is too slow there will be a 70-80% chance that the user can be out of your website in no time.

  3. SSL certificate- SSL is nothing but a digital security certificate provided for a website for authentication purpose, a simple way to check if the website is SSL certified or not is to check for HTTPS in the URL.

  4. Mobile-friendliness- As we know more people use mobile than desktops if the site is not mobile-friendly den the chances are less ranking your website.

These 4ways will help ranking, Off Course  ! who doesn’t want to rank their website higher in a search engine or the priority of google

3. Email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

I am sure that everyone knows about email today, but let me explain to you clearly what it is all about.

Email Marketing is nothing but building customer/client’s relationships and trust using email whether it can be sharing any related information, providing value to the user, branding your business, etc.

The potential of email marketing is really huge because the majority of the communication takes place through email.

Many of us think that Email is dying, now checks it often but we must also accept the fact that social media trends keep on changing now and then but email is the constant one.

Email marketing
Email marketing

Also if there is proper knowledge and strategy on how to do email marketing we can drive customer’s attention.

Email Marketing helps us to convert stranger’s into friend’s and friend’s into customers.

Why and how Email Marketing is important?

  • We can stay in contact with our audience
  • It’s easily affordable and reached a large audience
  • Everyone uses Email
  • To increase our brand awareness to a large audience

One of the good reasons to use email marketing is we can actually track the entire process and results, We can see how many people have opened, reacting to it, click the link, and how many are converted into a sale.

4. Pay per click Marketing(PPC)

What is Pay per Click Marketing?

Pay per click marketing is just called advertisement online, which is called paid promotion.
In other simple words, it’s a way of buying visits to our sites and only to those which is clicked

When we want to rank our website at the top and in case SEO fails, PPC comes into the picture, Where it can be advertised by paying rather than organic search.

Pay per click marketing
Pay per click marketing

If we observe in the search result pages of google, yahoo or Bing, we can see that pay ads will be placed at the top rather than organic results.

Even almost all social media has an option of paid advertisement.

Here is another most important thing that is called CPC
What is CPC?
It is also called cost per click.

Whenever the advertiser pays for each click there will be a particular CPC and this depends on each ad according to the competition.

Another thing is CPM, which is called cost per thousand impressions. The CPM can only be displayed in the video.

But what is the minor difference between CPC and CPM?
CPC is based on how many times the ad is clicked and CPM is based on the impressions only.

How to learn digital marketing?

Learning digital marketing is not a big deal in today’s era with all the facilities available to us.

All you need is to have is a passion to learn, a good internet connection, the ability to learn new things and explore every single day, dedication, hard work, consistency, patience and finally a will and winning attitude that u can learn.

Learn Digital Marketing

Most importantly I believe is, you need to have a mentor to guide you throughout the process

What do you need to start digital marketing?

  • laptop with a good internet connection
  • Website(Domain and hosting)
  • Your brand(Logo)
  • Social media pages(Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp )
  • content
  • online product or tools
  • Reviews

Well, if you are interested to learn Digital marketing for free I can help you out if you CONTACT ME

Different Careers in Digital Marketing


You can opt for blogging if you are good at conveying your audience in your particular field of interest.
Just by giving information and value to visitors and earn a very good income once your blog gets some decent traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other’s products through your blogs, social media profiles, in which you make money for every sale you make.

Hence, you can apply as an affiliate and apply for Google Adsense when you get good traffic for your website.


You can be a freelancer by building projects for your clients and working for a company even just sitting at home.

There are many intermediate websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer That lets clients bridge with freelancers.


Having a firm knowledge of Digital Marketing you can always start up your own company or an agency to

Future scope 

The potential and scope for digital marketing are so huge, you can see digitalization everywhere and every business is switching to digital. In future, almost all the companies will be live digitally without a doubt.

During the ongoing pandemic, many people lost their jobs, but this industry gives many job opportunities and self-employment for many people.

Unlike the other industry, you don’t need a specific degree to pursue this profession. As this industry does not demand only a degree all it needs is practical experience.

You can be a full-time digital marketer or you can pursue it as your passion for a side hustle just by investing few effective hours of your daily routine.


In a world of 7.8 billion people, actively 4.66 billion people using the internet, which is an amazing and positive sign that digital marketing is so important, nearly 30-40% of consumers would choose online rather than offline stores.

The need for digital Marketing will be going high yearly as well the job opportunities would be more.

Thanks for Reading, If you like this blog about digital marketing
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